The Museum’s website gets a makeover!

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  • 17 June 2024 – 14 July 2024
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  • Museo del Cenacolo Vinciano
The website of the Last Supper Museum has recently been enhanced with a renewed “Visit” section, dedicated to the purchase of tickets and a comprehensive presentation of the services offered by the museum’s concessionaire, categorized by visitor type (individual visitors or families, groups, and schools).

If you are an individual visitor, you can purchase both the general admission tickets to the museum and tickets for standard or special guided tours and visits combined with workshop activities directly here.
If you plan to visit the museum as a group (more than 5 visitors), this section provides detailed information on the offers available to groups and schools, as well as booking and purchasing methods.
For visitors entitled to free admission (click on this link to see if you are eligible for free admission), we have created a dedicated subsection. Here you can book your free entry to the museum by choosing from the various options: free entry only, combined free ticket + paid ticket, or group visits.
In the dedicated section, you will also find the calendar of special days (free or reduced admission): click on the button with the date you are interested in to book your free admission.
Each month, the opening of reservations for the first Sunday of the month with free admission will be highlighted: tickets will be made available starting from 12:00 PM on the preceding Wednesday.
Follow the museum on social media channels or check the news on the website to know when reservations are available for other special admission days.
Finally, we have introduced a new feature: in the “Visit” section of the website, you also have the option to access the “Shop” of the Cenacolo Vinciano Museum, where you will find a selection of items, books, and publications, including those for children. You can also purchase the museum guide to be collected in the museum.