Opening sales for August, September and October 2024

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  • 14 June 2024 – 14 July 2024
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  • Last Supper Museum
On Tuesday, June 18, starting at 12 noon, tickets for the August-September-October 2024 quarter will go on sale through the usual purchasing channels:


– Online: click here to reserve tickets online (max 5 tickets)
Call center: by calling +39 02 92800360 (max 9 tickets)
– Email: by writing an email to (min 10 tickets)

Please note that reservations are always required for all types of admissions.
Free admissions related to the first Sundays of the month (August 4, September 1 and October 6) will be made available exclusively on the online sales platform: starting at 12 noon on the preceding Wednesday: Wednesday, July 31, 2024 tickets for Sunday, August 4, Wednesday, August 28 for Sunday, September 1, and Wednesday, October 2 for Sunday, October 6 will be put on sale.
It will be possible to reserve up to a maximum number of 5 tickets, no groups will be accepted, and no services such as guided tours and workshops will be available. It is also prohibited to conduct professional guided tours.
Please note: for reservations related to admissions on free days, it will not be possible to change the name of the ticket.
Experimentation for a gradual increase in the number of visitors allowed inside the Cenacolo Vinciano Museum continues during the summer months. If you have not found tickets for the date you are interested in or if you do not have a way to book well in advance, please check the availability of additional tickets that will be released weekly, every Wednesday at 12 noon for the following week, only on the online sales platform and only for single visitors (a maximum of 5 tickets will be possible to purchase).
We ask all visitors to observe punctuality and compliance with the visiting rules:
You must hand in your payment receipt at the ticket office located next to the museum entrance, compulsorily showing up at least 30 minutes before the visit, otherwise you will lose your admission right.
Once you have collected your ticket, you must go to the entrance of the Museum at least 10 minutes before the visiting time.
It is not possible to enter the Museum with bulky bags or luggage. It is strongly recommended to leave them at home or at the hotel: a number of lockers timed according to the duration of the visit (max 60 minutes) are available at the ticket office for emergency and while availability lasts:
no. 30 lockers measuring 30x45x32 cm
no. 8 lockers sizes 25x36x32 cm
no. 8 lockers sizes 25x36x66 cm
no. 1 locker measures 82x33x80 cm
no. 1 locker measures 40x33x80 cm

Please also note that it is prohibited to bring food and beverages inside the Museum.
Since it is not possible to re-enter the museum spaces once you have left, in case you leave luggage or bags inside the lockers, it is recommended that you bring everything you need for the visit and for any purchases at the bookshop.


Once the visit to the refectory is over, we kindly request that you do not stop inside the museum exit filter zones, but head quickly to the courtyard.


Thanks for your cooperation!