New visitors’ itinerary and new spaces at the Museum of Leonardo’s Last Supper

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  • 23 August 2023
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  • Leonardo's Last Supper Museum
Thanks to a donation of 800,000 euros from the Investindustrial Foundation, it will be possible to start a radical transformation of the access to Leonardo’s Last Supper, making visitors’ experience pleasanter and more complete.
This is reported by the regional director of museums of Lombardy, and institute of the Ministry of Culture, Emanuela Daffra.

The liberal contribution by the Investindustrial Foundation will be combined with the funding of some one million euros guaranteed with the PNRR by the Ministry of Culture as part of the “Measure 1 Cultural Heritage for the next generation”, “Investment 1.2 Removing physical and cognitive barriers in museums, libraries and archives”.
The project, entitled “Leonardo’s Last Supper. A new path for a sustainable museum”, developed together with the Politecnico di Milano, requires a total investment of about 1.8 million euros for its completion.
The goal is to streamline the flow of visitors to Leonardo’s masterpiece, improving the garden and allowing the visitors to complete the whole route without ever leaving the museum spaces. For this reason, without any interference with the historic structure, the plan is to add a new covered and air-conditioned space abutting onto the Refectory, which will also guarantee greater spaces for activities that are today rather cramped, such as welcoming groups, preparing for visits, and educational workshops.

“The joint financial contribution of PNRR and the Investindustrial Foundation will make it possible to organise the flows of visitors more easily and ensure a more complete and pleasant visit to Leonardo’s Last Supper. It will be more fluid, further raising the levels of environmental safety necessary to protect the paintings in the Refectory,” anticipates the Director.

The contribution by the Investindustrial Foundation, made possible by the Bonomi family, is an act of love for Leonardo’s Last Supper and Milan, both by the size of the donation and as an act of pure patronage. It bears testimony to the Bonomi family’s well-known social sensibility, which dates back to the figure of Anna Bonomi Bolchini, the first woman prominent in finance, but also one who, in post-war Milan, created the institute of “Le Carline”, which housed over 60 girls, providing for their complete welfare until they came of age.

“The Bonomi family’s concern for Milan and the social sector has not diminished, as this generous donation confirms,” observes Emanuela Daffra. “I will add that today here we have an unusual example – which it would be wonderful to multiply – of a private company that adds its own contribution to the PNRR funds to ensure the complete achievement of an objective considered important.”
“For a family with its origins in 19th-century Milan, participating in the continuous renewal of the city is an honour and a privilege, but it is above all a duty,” said Andrea Bonomi, the founder of Investindustrial. “We hope to be able to contribute to other similar projects in future.”
The completion times will be those set by the PNRR. The timetable envisages the start of work by 30 June 2025, after the construction of the new heating plant and its conclusion no later than the end of the following year.