Increase in visitors allowed at the Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper Museum

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  • 23 December 2023
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  • Museo del Cenacolo Vinciano
The Regional Directorate of Museums Lombardia and the Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper Museum are pleased to announce that, starting from Tuesday, January 2, 2024, the number of visitors admitted daily to the refectory and museum spaces will be increased during certain time slots, with a total increase of 110 entries per day.


Additional tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, December 27, 2023, at 12:00 PM for the entire following week, exclusively on the online purchasing platform for two time slots every hour (at minutes .15 and .45).

This result has been achieved thanks to years of effort: in 2015, the number of visitors admitted to the refectory was 25 every 15 minutes; in 2018, thanks to sponsorship by Eataly that enabled the enhancement of the air treatment system, the number was gradually increased to 35. After closures and limitations due to Covid, in late spring 2023, the Museum initiated a trial phase conducted together with the Polytechnic University of Milan, aimed at assessing the feasibility of further expanding the number of visitors. Having concluded this phase with positive and extremely reassuring outcomes from a conservation standpoint, we are now ready to conduct daily testing of the increase.

To continue the experimentation gradually and to offer more purchasing opportunities, tickets will be made available online week by week for individual visitors every Wednesday at 12:00 PM.

We ask all visitors to cooperate to ensure the success of the initiative: maximum punctuality and adherence to the timings and methods of entry and visit are essential.



It is necessary to hand over the payment receipt at the ticket office next to the museum entrance, presenting oneself at least 30 minutes before the visit, otherwise, the right of entry will be forfeited.

Once the ticket is retrieved, visitors must head to the Museum entrance at least 10 minutes before the visit time.

It is not possible to enter the Museum with large bags or luggage. It is strongly advised to leave them at home or in the hotel: for emergencies and subject to availability, there are some lockers at the ticket office, timed according to the duration of the visit (max 60 minutes):

30 lockers measuring 30x45x32 cm
8 lockers measuring 25x36x32 cm
8 lockers measuring 25x36x66 cm
1 locker measuring 82x33x80 cm
1 locker measuring 40x33x80 cm

Additionally, it is forbidden to bring water bottles or containers with liquids into the Museum.

Since it is not possible to re-enter the museum spaces once you leave, if you leave bags or luggage in the lockers, it is recommended to bring everything necessary for the visit and for any purchases at the bookshop.

After visiting the refectory, visitors are kindly requested not to linger in the museum’s exit filter zones but to proceed quickly to the courtyard.

Thank you for your cooperation!