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  • 6 August 2021
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  • Museo del Cenacolo Vinciano

In accordance with art. 3 of Law Decree no. 105 of 2021, as of August 6th access to the museum is permitted exclusively to individuals in possession of one of the COVID-19 green certifications, including a 48-hour validity tampon (children under 12 and exempt individuals with medical certification are excluded).

Please proceed with the purchase of the ticket only if in possession of the indicated documentation; the possession and the validity of the certification will be checked at the ticket office, before issuing the ticket.
Random checks will also be carried out at the museum entrance.

What is the Green Pass?
The Green Pass is a digital, printable certification that contains a two-dimensional barcode (QR Code) and a qualified electronic seal. It attests to one of the following conditions:
• Having had the COVID-19 vaccination;
• Be negative for rapid molecular or antigenic testing within the past 48 hours;
• being cured of COVID-19 within the past six months.

More information on the Green Pass can be found at
As per Ministry of Health regulations, green certifications issued by the USA, Canada, Israel and Japan are also valid for access to the Museum.

Also remain in force the usual safety prescriptions anti COVID-19.

Thank you for your cooperation.